I am the son and the heir
of nothing in particular

"I never had an ‘aha’ moment that I knew I was going to be an actor, it’s something I always wanted to do. When I was a kid I would play Dress-Up all the time, and then when I started to go see plays, I’d just be like ‘Yeah, I wanna do that.’ And that’s just how I always spent my time." - Dane DeHaan for The Hollywood Reporter (2013)

"I was just nervous and uncomfortable and shy and nobody wanted to talk to me. It was weird."

I think a lot of people compare their insides to other people’s outsides.-Emma Stone

Katherine Pierce in two episodes of each season —requested by Anonymous

Game of Thrones  + Swords

I would never insult you. You’re too great a warrior. But perhaps not so great a man.

Tony Stark being Tony Stark.

Allison Argent + Curls